HacknPlan Studio Pre-Order

Get 1 year subscription at a 33% discount and early access!

Thanks for your interest in HacknPlan Studio!

Before proceeding with the pre-order, take a couple of minutes to read this quick instructions and FAQ to help you through the process.


  • Only one member of your team has to upgrade to Studio plan and pay for everyone, who will be the owner of a new organization that represents your studio.
  • You have to add your existing projects and team members to the organization in order to enjoy the advanced features. They (and you) can be part of an organization and have personal projects at the same time.
  • Every user you add to an organization occupies a paid user seat but is not bound to it. You need to purchase seats for all the users that will be working on your Studio projects simultaneously.
  • Most of the features announced for the Studio plan are in development, pre-order means you are purchasing a product before release. The early access program gives you access to the features as soon as they are ready, not immediately.


1. The pre-order of HacknPlan Studio requires an existing Personal account, which will be upgraded to the new plan. This user will be the owner of the new organization and the one who pays, so ideally will be someone like the studio owner or a producer. Only one user in the team needs to upgrade to Studio plan and purchase seats for the rest of the members. This account will be counted as part of the registered user seats, so it has to be someone that will use HacknPlan.

2. Let’s say you are that person. Go to your Settings page. There you will see a new panel with your plan details. Click on the Pre-order button. That will open a small dialog to enter your company name and the number of seats you need. You need to accept our Terms and Conditions.

3. After confirming that, the payment dialog will pop up. Expand the details to check that everything is ok. Depending on your country, VAT may be added to the amount. Fill out the form and your card details to finish the transaction. Important: We don’t store any sensible data like credit card number and related information, our payments are processed by Stripe. We currently support most credit cards (Paypal will be available soon too).

4. After the purchase has been made, we will send you an invoice to your email address and you are done. You will see a new organization element in your frontpage and in the top menu. In order to enjoy the new features, you need to create or import your existing projects into the organization and add your existing team members.

5. If you want to add more user seats at any time, just go again to the settings page, and you can repeat the operation to add more seats.


What benefits do I get by pre-ordering HacknPlan Studio?

You will get a 1-year subscription to the plan at a 33% discount and also the early-access program for your studio members, which allows you to enjoy the Studio features before the official release (important: many of them are not available yet). You will also feel good knowing you are supporting the development and growth of a tool made for making the life of game developers easier 🙂

What is the early access program of HacknPlan Studio?

Along with your subscription at a great 33% discount, your team gains access to the new features as soon as they are implemented, tested and stable enough, before the official release. We will be adding new features every 2 o 3 weeks more or less. It’s important to understand that many of the features are not ready yet, but the early access program will allow you to enjoy them as soon as possible.

What is the estimated official release date?

HacknPlan Studio will be released in March 2017. It’s also important to understand the early access period is not counted in the year of subscription purchased, so the earlier you pre-order, the most time you’ll enjoy the new features for the same price.

What will be the prices after the official release?

After the release, the prices will be the ones announced without the discount, including adding more seats or renewals of accounts that pre-ordered. Before that, you can extend the number of seats at any moment at the same reduced price.

How do users and paid seats work?

Each HacknPlan Studio account owns an “organization“, which is a container of projects (unlimited) and members (limited to the seats purchased). The admins can add users to the organization if they have available paid seats, which gives them access to the Studio features while working on the projects in the organization. The organization admins can add and remove members as they wish (their data will remain), as long as they stay within the limit of seats purchasedSeats are not bound to specific users.

Can a user with a Personal account work in a Studio plan project without a paid seat?

No, every Personal account that is added to a Studio plan project or organization occupies a paid seat on the Studio account that owns the organization. The seat is not bound to the specific users, so you can remove and add users at any time.

Can I reduce the number of user seats?

The number of seats can be reduced from one billing period to the next. In this case, since you are pre-ordering for a full year (plus the early access program), you won’t be able to reduce it until the renewal of the next year. You can add seats at any time.

Do you have more questions? Get in touch.