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Hi hacknplanners,

It’s been around one month and a half since we started the early access program for HacknPlan Studio, and we wanted to announce a couple of important things regarding our roadmap for 2017.

Full release date

Many of you have asked for an estimation on the release date of HacknPlan, including full Personal and Studio tiers, and we officially announce that it will be released in March 2017. We have been in beta phase for too long, and we are truly confident in our capacity to deliver a fully featured and stable full version of HacknPlan in a bit more than 3 months from now. Don’t expect an overnight revolution that day, you already know we work in a very agile and iterative way, so we will get there step by step.

HacknPlan Studio pre-order: 50% discount until December 31st

As you know, HacknPlan Studio is available for pre-order and early access at a fantastic 50% discount. It’s our way of rewarding all of you who decided to support the project and be part of our family of early adopters. However, it would be certainly unfair that if a user pre-orders 1 week before release, gets the same discount than users who believed and were committed to our service right from the beginning. That’s why we will reduce the discount on new pre-orders starting from the 1st of January to a 33% (48€ user / year). It’s important to notice that customers who pre-ordered during 2016 will still be able to add more user seats at the same 50% discount, this is just for new pre-orders. Get it now!

New tiers coming: Personal Plus and Academy

Our goal is to provide different options to different user profiles which are both fair and affordable. We are now covering casual users with HacknPlan Personal and also professional teams and companies with HacknPlan Studio, but we have detected there are some profiles that don’t really fit in any of those, and we wanted to do something about it. We don’t have a clear estimation on when these will be available (early access, on release or a bit later on), we will give you more details after Christmas break.

HacknPlan Personal Plus: We know there are indie developers and freelancers who need more than what we offer in the Personal tier and are willing to pay for it, but the Studio one doesn’t really fit what they need either, maybe because of price, too many features or just because they want to work with other people who don’t necessarily want / can pay for a Studio seat. For these individual advanced users, we will offer Personal Plus, a tier with some of the features of HacknPlan Studio to be enjoyed by individual users in personal projects. You will be able to work on the same project than other users using the Personal free account, and you will have these advanced features but they won’t. Some of the features that will be included are customization, productivity enhancements and 3rd party integrations. We will give more details soon.

HacknPlan Academy: We have been contacted by many education professionals and we are aware that HacknPlan is being used in many universities and schools all around the world. We truly believe in education as one of the main pillars of a fair society and a strong industry, and we don’t want to get profit from educational institutions or students, but the other way around: we want to invest in them. That’s why we will launch HacknPlan Academy, an educational program that will bring all the premium features included in HacknPlan Studio to universities and schools, FOR FREE. The only limitation will be that projects should be non-commercial and have educational purposes only.


If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Happy planning!

Chris Estevez

HacknPlan Founder

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  1. Konrad says:

    HacknPlan Personal Plus <3 Please just make it affordable 😉

  2. spaceemotion says:

    In regards to the Acadamy tier, it would be nice to have a way of attaching a project to a currently running GameJam and get either a free personal plus tier or something like the Acadamy tier for group projects (e.g. for the Ludum Dare) that only lasts for the duration of that jam.

  3. VictorBurgos says:

    Good job on adding both the Personal Plus tier and Academy tier. IMHO, you should hold a poll to see what option people would rather see in the Personal Plus / Indie tier.

  4. Raphaël says:

    HacknPlan Academy is a great idea and you are amazing ! Thanks 🙂

  5. Thomas says:

    Looking forward to your Personal Plus tier. Sounds interesting! If the price is right (low enough) with helpful features I’m sure you could get a lot of customers!

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