Roadmap Official Release

Release date: April 3rd 2017


Personal (free)

  • Game Design Model enhancements: including attachments, filters, and deadlines.
  • Enhanced markdown editor: User mentions, task references, and embedded attachments.
  • File manager: Manage attached files.
  • Customization: Themes and custom backgrounds.
  • Project backup: Download a copy of your data.
  • Notifications: Milestone and GDM notifications.
  • Activity log: Track the lifecycle of your tasks.
  • Time tracking by user: Every user will input time into tasks and hour and day costs will be merged into a time cost that is automatically calculated.
  • Mobile: The mobile version of the web application will be improved for better usability and performance.
  • Drag and drop: The drag and drop system will be rewritten to improve how it works and be used more extensively within the application.
  • Platform customization.
  • And many small improvements more…



Organization management (Studio)

  • Multiple team management: Create teams and assign users to them. Visualize metrics for users across projects. Add entire teams to projects easily.
  • Multiple project management: Create unlimited projects and assign teams to them. Get global organization metrics about projects and reuse project configurations, like custom categories and design element types.
  • Dedicated team page: Each project will internally have a dedicated page to manage the team. You’ll be able to see the tasks assigned and completed by each user, manage specific permissions, get metrics of performance and have a log of user activity.
  • Dedicated milestone page: Each milestone will have its own dedicated page too, containing a full document to add notes and other content, metrics like burndown charts or performance by category, and a log of activity.
  • Easy and seamless migration: Migrating your existing projects will be simple. They will be automatically added to the organization, teams will be created from your existing project members.

Visualization (Studio & Personal Plus)

  • Visual customization: Add your company and project logo. Not a big feature, but everyone loves good looking stuff, right? 😉
  • Calendar: Visualize all your events on a calendar, including milestones and task due dates, and also manual notes. Synchronize it with your Google Calendar and have all your deadlines under control.
  • Custom category icons and colors: Add icons and colors to your custom categories and update the default ones for a better readability.
  • Task card customization: A task card can contain too much information, and you don’t always need all of it. Each user in a project will be able to configure what info they want to see on the card, going from a simple text card to a full task definition.
  • Design element board grouping: Group tasks by design element so all tasks related to the same feature in a milestone are displayed together. The groups will be collapsible for a better organization of boards with many tasks.

Integrations (Studio & Personal Plus)

  • Google Calendar: We will add Google Calendar synchronization to have your task and milestone deadlines together with the rest of your schedule.
  • Google Drive: Besides the normal attachments you can add to tasks and host on our servers, you will also be able to attach Google Drive documents easily.
  • GitHub: Every team needs a version control system to host their projects, and one of the most popular services out there is GitHub. With this integration, you’ll be able to create links between your team members, your commits, and your tasks, so whenever a commit is done it’s added to the task activity log and is linked to the user of your project that made it. Tracking who and when someone did some change in the code or the resources will be easier than ever. Other version control services will be added in the future.
  • Slack: This is definitely one of the hottest communication services out there, and it’s becoming the preferred choice of development teams. With our Slack integration, you’ll be able to receive notifications from HacknPlan events.

Productivity Enhancements (Studio & Personal Plus)

  • Batch processing: Sometimes you just need to go through a list of tasks or design elements to perform the same task on each of them, maybe sending tasks to a different milestone, changing the design element type of several ones, moving tasks to another status column… Now you will be able to do such operations in batches, selecting all the elements and executing diverse actions on them all together.
  • Advanced task creation: The task creation dialog allows to set up many of the fields on a task, but there are still many other elements that are not available on creation and require you to open the task editor for each of them. In the Studio plan, you can choose between basic and advanced task creation and have the option of assigning users, creating sub-tasks, setting dependencies or adding attachments right away.
  • Time tracker: Manually tracking the time we spend working on a task is certainly a tedious job. How can we make this more productive? We will provide an automatic time tracker, so you will only have to indicate when you started working on some task and when you stopped, and the time spent will be automatically calculated and added to the task cost.
  • Advanced filters: Filtering tasks on the board is very useful to get some clarity when you want to get an overview of your work from some specific point of view. Our board filters will have some advanced options, like saving your favorite ones for quick activation or filtering by free text and other fields.

Metrics and reporting (Studio)

  • Project and milestone status chartsGantt charts, Burndown charts and other visual representations of progress and status data will be available.
  • Team metrics: With HacknPlan Studio you’ll be able to measure the activity of the team members of a project. Assigned and completed tasks, time reported, category distribution, velocity…
  • Game Design Model metrics: This way you’ll be able to see the status of your features and areas of your game, including task and cost counts, category distribution…
  • GDD export: Your GDM is a cool and dynamic representation of your GDD, but sometimes you just need a classic document for meetings or presentations. With this exporter you will get a printable version of your GDD in HTML, PDF and other formats, optionally including tasks and status reports.
  • Project reports export: The same applies for project metrics and charts. You’ll be able to generate a full report in printable format for projects and milestones.
  • Printable cards: Export cards in a printable format to put them on your physical board.

Other advantages (Studio & Personal Plus)

  • Extended storage: While the HacknPlan Personal tier will have a limitation of 500MB per account to store project attachment files, you get 2GB with Personal Plus and 5GB per seat with Studio. The HacknPlan Personal tier has a limit of 5MB on attachment file size; this limit goes up to 50MB with Personal Plus and 250MB with Studio.
  • Priority email support: We commit to help you in less than 8 business hours (CET).


Other future features

  • Public API
  • Mobile apps
  • Game Jam mode
  • Public sharing
  • Self-hosted version
  • Integration into game engines


Do you have ideas or suggestions? We’d love to hear them! Please, send us an email or contact us via Twitter or Facebook.