Where project management meets game design

We bring game design documentation and project management together in a unique SaaS game production tool that provides a semantic way of organizing, planning and tracking the progress of your game.



Kanban boards organized by technical discipline

Game development is multidisciplinary, and so are we. HacknPlan split your boards by technical category in order to improve your productivity and focus. Assign your team members, track your progress, and get instant feedback on how the current iteration is going.

Integrated game design documentation

Classic GDDs are difficult to create and maintain and are not compatible with the iterative and agile nature of how games are made today. As a solution, we provide a dynamic structure where you can define your design and link it to the tasks that will bring it to life. Let your tasks definition and progress complement your design documentation and keep it alive. Stale docs no more!

Metrics and reporting

You can’t manage what you can’t measure. We provide metrics to help you optimize your planning and detect potential issues by telling you where you spend your time and resources. Burndown charts, Gantt charts, progress reports, activity logs… Don’t waste the chance of learning and improving from your own experience!

And much more


Create kanban boards for your sprints or iterations, group them by bigger milestones and build your games in an agile way


Keep track of your future tasks with a backlog


We keep you informed about what is going on in your project with configurable UI and email notifications


Define your own categories and tags for a full project integration


Add any kind of file to your task, including pictures that can be displayed on the board cards


Forget about refreshing your page to get the last content or overwriting it by accident. We provide a real time kanban board where everything is always up to date.


Trace the life cycle of your tasks and other entities and get interesting details about your performance


Integrate your project with Google, GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket or Slack


Dedicated email support to help you out with any issue

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Our customers say

cristiana marmalade 2

It was always very important to me to find a tool that the entire team would enjoy using, and not just me as the producer. A tool that would make our job as a team easier, and not trickier, something quick to learn and fun to use. HacknPlan is just right. Programmers can see their tasks clearly and how they fit into the overall project and artists can showcase their art to the entire team. It's simple, fast and intuitive!

Cristiana Serra – Team Lead & Producer at Marmalade Game Studio

lottie failbetter

HacknPlan breaks high-level production down into bitesized, detailed pieces, feeding the maws of producers, team leads and developers alike. I particularly love the dependencies feature, which makes it easy to plan around blockers and bottlenecks. Yay!

Lottie Bevan – Producer at Weather Factory


  • Ideal for hobbyists, students and small indie teams
  • Unlimited game projects and users per project
  • Basic project management features (tasks, metrics…)
  • Game Design Model (dynamic GDD)
  • Attachment max file size: 5MB, attachment max storage: 500MB
  • Email support
per month paid annually *
  • (5€ user / month paid monthly)
  • Ideal for individual users who want the best features while working with other free users
  • Productivity enhancements (multiselection, time tracking…)
  • Visual customization (card fields, icons, design element grouping…)
  • Calendar
  • Integrations: Google, Slack, GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket…
  • Attachment max file size: 50MB, attachment max storage: 2GB
  • Priority email support
seat / month paid annually *
  • (8€ seat / month paid monthly)
  • Ideal for professional studios that want to get the most out of the service
  • One single account to manage and pay for all your studio members
  • Features included in Personal Plus plus:
  • Multiproject features (templating, global dashboards)
  • Advanced customization (Kanban columns, importance levels…)
  • Data export (metrics, GDD)
  • Charts (Gantt, Burndown)
  • Role-based permissions
  • Attachment max file size: 250MB, attachment max storage: 5GB per user
  • Priority email support

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