Introduction to HacknPlan REST API


The HacknPlan Public REST API allows you to access your HacknPlan data programmatically, without interacting with the application user interface. Our Public API exposes HTTP endpoints that allow you to create, update and delete most of the data entities of our system, which is perfect for creating integrations with other services, building internal tools or automating part of your workflow.



The base URL of the endpoints is{version}, where {version} is the identifier of the version of the API endpoint you are calling, such as v0,v1, v2… The current version is v0 (beta).

Our Public API only supports calls over SSL, calls done over HTTP will be automatically redirected to HTTPS.



  • Datetime values are returned in the ISO 8601 UTC format.
  • Our API only supports JSON for the request and response bodies.
  • The field names of entities are in camelCase format.