API Limitations & Recommendations


The HacknPlan Public API has a limit of 5 calls per second and IP address. If the limit is reached, the subsequent calls will return an error “429 Too many requests”.

In order to avoid missing calls to the API from your script, tool or integration due to the limitation, we recommend you implement a mechanism that includes a queue so when the limit has been reached, it waits and then retries the execution of the pending requests in the queue.


  • Despite being in Beta, all the API endpoints operate with the real data on our servers, so be extra careful not to accidentally modify or delete information during tests.
  • Do not create distributable applications or integrations using the Beta version of the API, wait until the first stable release is out. Breaking changes without support for previous versions could happen during the Beta stage.
  • For your security, be extra careful with your API Keys, do not share them or use them with 3rd party integrations or tools you don’t trust, as they could be used to impersonate you.
  • Don’t reuse one single API Key for everything, create a key for each different use case and set only the scopes you strictly need for the usage you are going to give to that key, to avoid possible issues and have the power of revoking some and keeping others.