HacknPlan allows you to attach files of any kind to work items and game design elements, like screenshots of how your art task is going, additional documents to enrich the definition of the item or design element or any other file it’s relevant. Bear in mind some limitations apply depending on the tier of the account that owns the project:

  • Personal: Max file size: 5MB, max storage: 500MB
  • Personal Plus: Max file size: 50MB, max storage: 2GB.
  • Studio: Max file size: 250MB, max storage: 5GB per seat.

Adding attachments

To add an attachment to your work item or game design element, you have several possibilities:

  • Open the work item or design element, click on the clip icon of the tab, and then click on the corresponding icon (depending on whether you add the information from your computer or the project). This will display a file selection dialog (you can select multiple files at once). After clicking open or pressing Enter, the files will be uploaded and attached.
  • Press A on your keyboard when your item or design element editor is open, this will redirect you to the Attachments section, then click on the desired action.
  • Drag and drop files from your computer into the design element or work item edition panel, this will automatically upload and attach them. If you are editing the description when doing so, the attachment will also be automatically referenced.
  • Also, if you click Ctrl + V on a work item or design element description when having an image in the clipboard, it will be attached and automatically referenced. This is the best way of uploading screenshots.

Premium users can also add attachments from Google Drive.

Referencing attachments

Once you have attached files to your items or design elements, you can reference them from several places:

  • Work item and design element descriptions and comments: Our markdown editor allows you to reference attached files of that same entity by clicking on the paperclip icon or by entering ‘$’. This will display a menu to select the attachment you want to reference from a list. When the description is saved, the reference will be shown as a picture if the file was an image, and as a link to download for the rest of the files.
  • Work item cover: The image attachments can also be set as the cover picture that is shown on cards. You set this by clicking on the eye-shaped icon that appears on the right when hovering over the file. If needed, the image can also be removed from the cover.

Managing files

Since storage limits exist, we provide a file manager that helps you see how much storage is used for the project and give you the possibility of freeing up some space if needed without having to go item by item. Click on a file to see a detailed description. You can find this section in Administration → Storage.