Gantt chart

HacknPlan provides a Gantt chart, which is an effective tool for project management, providing a visual representation of activities over time. It can assist in creating and tracking project schedules and forecasting project completion. The chart can be customized to display different levels of detail and can offer a clear overview of the project’s status.

Note: The Gantt chart is available for Studio subscriptions only.

A list of work items is presented on the left side of the chart, with a suitable time scale displayed along the top. Each activity is represented by a bar, where the position and length of the bar indicate the starting date, duration, and end date of the activity.

You can find the burndown chart section at Planning → Gantt chart on the left menu of your project. On the header, there are several options for configuring the chart view:

  • Mode: The way work items are visualized and categorized for chart generation. The options are:
    • User: it allows you to visualize the work times associated with each user.
    • Board: it allows you to visualize the work times organized by board.
    • Design element:  it allows you to visualize the work times organized by design element.
  • Scale: Scale options determine the time scale visible and it runs horizontally across the top of the chart. The options are:
    • Hour
    • Day
    • Month
  • Filters: In order to personalize the information displayed in the chart, you have several filtering options available:
    • Show closed items: it allows you to view work items that are finished
    • Show items without dates:  you can choose to display items without dates, which will enable you to view work items that have not yet been assigned start and end dates. 

In the chart, you have the option to modify the dates of your work items. You can do this by dragging the bar to the desired date for both the start and end dates. 

If a task does not have a date assigned to it, you can create one by clicking on the start date and dragging the resulting bar to the desired end date.