How do subscriptions work?

HacknPlan offers its premium features under a subscription model which allows users to enjoy the advanced functionality during the period of time they need and pay for it using the billing cycle which better works for them.

Important: Refunds are not supported, except in cases of fraud or mistakes. When you downgrade your subscription, you will get any paid and not used amount as credit for future payments.

Subscribing to a premium plan

To subscribe to HacknPlan, you need to create a Personal free account and upgrade from there. Go to our avatar at the top-right corner → Settings → Subscriptions, and click on Subscribe now button on the Subscribe panel. The first step is to introduce the basic information about your desired subscription:

  • Tier: This is the tier you want to subscribe to.
  • Billing period: 
    • Monthly: The user or company pays for their preferred tier every month, without committing to the tool. This cycle is a bit more expensive.
    • Yearly: The user or company pays for the subscription yearly, committing to the service for a longer period of time and getting a better overall price.
  • Business name: The name of your company or development team.
  • User seats (Studio tier only): The number of user seats in the Studio workspace. You can add to your workspace (and hence use the premium features) as many users as user seats you have paid for.
  • Extra storage: If you want to contract additional storage to that provided (according to the subscribed tier), there are several options, for which the additional price to be paid is indicated.
  • Promotion code: You can introduce a promotion code if you have one for temporary or permanent discounts on your fee.

After you have accepted our TOS, you can continue with the next step, billing info:

  • Business Name: The name of the company or individual being billed.
  • Country: Your country. Note that, despite what you enter here, we use an advanced system to determine your real country to calculate possible taxes based on the credit card info, IP and other methods.
  • VAT number: If you are a valid European company, you can enter your VAT number for the transactions to be considered B2B.
  • Address
  • City
  • Region
  • Postal code
  • Invoice Email: The email invoices will be forwarded to.

After all these fields are correctly entered, you can click on Next and get a confirmation page, where you can add your credit card info:

  • Card number: We support Visa, Mastercard and American Express.
  • Expiration date
  • CVV / CVC

If you click on Subscribe, your request will be processed. Your first payment will be processed immediately, and you will receive your first invoice in your email shortly after.

Modifying your subscription

You can modify your subscription including tier, billing period or user seats, but it’s important that you understand how these changes work and are processed.

When you modify the subscription, several scenarios may happen. Depending on the case, this is how we will proceed:

  • Adding Studio seats: If you just add Studio seats, you need to pay the remaining of the current billing period for those seats immediately, and the next period will be paid normally including those new seats from the start. Let’s imagine you were paying 16 EUR per month for 2 Studio seats; if you add a 3rd one right in the middle of one month, you would pay 4 EUR (half a monthly seat price) immediately to adjust the current period, and the next month you would pay 24 EUR automatically. It would work exactly the same for yearly subscriptions.
  • Reducing Studio seats: When you reduce seats, it works similarly, but instead of having to pay, you receive a credit that you will spend in future payments. Let’s come back to the previous example. You are paying 24 EUR per month for 3 Studio seats but one of your team members leave and you don’t need that seat anymore. If you reduce one seat right in the middle of a month, you would get 4 EUR of credit. Then, the next month you would need to pay 16 EUR for 2 users, but since you had some credit, your final bill amount is 12 EUR.
  • Switching the billing period: When you switch to a different billing period, your subscription cycle is reset and that day will be your new period start. Then, what you paid but not enjoyed in the period just before the update will be added as credit. Then, the first payment of the new subscription period will be triggered and will use any available credit. If you have more credit than what you have to pay, no invoice will be generated. Let’s imagine you were on a Personal Plus monthly subscription (5 EUR per month) and decided you want to go yearly in the middle of the month; you would get 2.5 EUR as credit for the rest of the month you paid but not used and will generate an immediate payment of 45.5 EUR (48 EUR yearly fee minus 2.5 EUR credit).
  • Switching tier: You can switch tier (and billing period at the same time, if you want) at any moment, and a similar logic to the one explained above will apply. Let’s imagine you were paying for 3 Studio seats yearly (216 EUR); at the middle of the year, you decide to downgrade to just a Personal Plan account paid monthly. You would get 108 EUR of credit and would have to pay for the first period of the new plan immediately (5 EUR), which would use the existing credit and would generate no invoice. That would apply until all the credit is spent.

Important: When you switch from Studio plan to Personal Plus or just cancel the subscription, the workspace would be removed and the contained projects will remain untouched but would go back to the Personal workspace of the subscription owner. Also, if you reduce the seats of a Studio account, if there are more users in the workspace than seats, the more recently added users would be automatically pushed out. We recommend you to remove the necessary users before reducing seats.

Canceling your subscription

You can cancel your subscription from your user settings anytime, going back to the Personal free account. Your projects will remain as they are, but your premium features won’t be available anymore. You have two options:

  • Cancel at billing period end: This equals to “cancel renewal”, meaning the subscription will be terminated when the current period you already paid for ends.
  • Cancel immediately: This cancels the subscription immediately. No refund will be made.