HacknPlan provides an extensive notification system that informs the rest of your team when you do something relevant. Who will receive which notification will depend very much on the type of action performed, the permissions, and the configuration of each user. Notifications can be sent to users using three different methods: UI, email, and Slack.

  • UI: The UI notifications are displayed on the HacknPlan application, so are appropriate if you only want to be notified when are using the tool. When a new notification arrives, you get a visual alert as an orange badge on the bell icon on the application right menu, and also the number of unread notifications on the page title. By clicking on the bell icon or pressing the key N on your keyboard, a sliding panel appears to show you the list of notifications. You can dismiss them by clicking on the trash can button that appears on the right when hovering over the alert. We strongly recommend keeping this panel clean to minimize the loading of data and, in case you don’t really care about UI notifications, disable them from your user settings.
  • Email: You can also receive notifications in your email inbox. By default, we only activate email notifications for important events, so we won’t spam you. You can configure which exact notifications you want to receive from your user settings.
  • Slack (Personal Plus & Studio): Additionally, premium users can link Slack channels to projects and receive notifications from HacknPlan there. The receiver of the notification is no longer a HacknPlan user, but a Slack channel or user, so permissions and configurations don’t apply and it’s the admin’s responsibility to prevent notifications to be displayed to users who should not see them. You can read more about Slack integration in this dedicated article.

Users can decide how to get notifications (on the UI, by email, both or none of them) for different notification types by configuring them on their user settings. To do this, click on your avatar at the top-right corner → Settings → Notifications.

The types are grouped into 5 general sections:

  • Alerts: Daily notifications about deadlines.
  • Project notifications: General notifications about the project, like closing or users added or removed.
  • Work item notifications: Most notifications are about work items, and when are they created, updated, or deleted. Depending on the specific action performed, you will get those notifications whether you are an admin, creator or assigned to that specific task.
  • Board & milestone notifications: Notifications about the closing of boards or milestones.
  • Game design model notifications: Notifications about the creation, update and deletion of game design elements.