HacknPlan can be integrated with Slack to receive notifications about the activity of your projects, so you can centralize your team communications in one place. The integration allows you to configure different kinds of notifications and different verbosity levels, and connect them with different channels or direct messages to adjust them to your specific needs.

Note: Slack integration is available for Personal Plus and Studio accounts only.

You can integrate Slack from the project Administration → Integrations section. Click on the New button on the Slack panel, and you will be redirected to select your Slack workspace and authorize the integration for a specific channel or DM.

Once authorized, you will be redirected back to HacknPlan. Now you can see a new integration in the Slack panel. Click on the ellipsis icon of the integration to open the menu, and click Edit. In the configuration, several select boxes will help you define which notifications will be received in Slack:

  • Category: This option will limit the task notifications for this integration to a specific category, or all if “All categories” is selected. This is ideal for creating different integrations for different categories and sending notifications for specific channels or people. You can create channels like #art, #programming… and send their notifications there, this way you avoid bothering people with notifications they don’t care about.
  • General notifications: These are notifications related to the general management of the project, boards, configuration…
  • Development notifications: These are notifications about the activity of work items in the current board. This is the most important notification type to get notified about items that are currently in progress.
  • Planning notifications: These are notifications about the activity of work items in the backlog or future boards. This notification type is especially recommended for admins or project owners.
  • Game Design Model notifications: These are notifications about the creation and edition of design elements, ideal for admins and designers.

All five notification configurations have the following options:

  • Disabled: No notifications of the specific type will be sent.
  • Normal: Only the most relevant notifications will be sent. Recommended for most cases.
  • Verbose: All notifications will be sent. We don’t recommend this option except for logging or intense monitoring purposes due to the high number of notifications that can be sent.