Trialing premium tiers

HacknPlan allows you to try the premium tiers for one month with your existing real projects, going back to the Personal tier if you don’t want to subscribe at the end. All the work done during this period is perfectly valid, the transition between tiers is transparent and the projects remain as they were.

You can start your trial by clicking on your avatar at the top-right corner → Settings → Subscriptions, and then click on Start trial now button on the Free Trial panel.

Once you have done the above, you will need to complete the following information:  

  • Tier: You can select which tier you want to evaluate. You’ll be able to change this during the trial period if you want.
  • Studio name: Your company or development team name.
  • Seats (Studio): The number of users your organization can have. Every user you add to a Studio organization occupies a premium seat, so if you subscribe you need to pay for all your studio members. Seats can be added or reduced during the trial or subscription.
  • Extra storage: If you want to contract additional storage to that provided (according to the subscribed tier).

If you like what you see and want to subscribe, you just need to go to your user settings and follow the instructions in the previous article. If you don’t take any action, you will go back to the Personal account after the trial ends.

Note: HacknPlan provides a unique 1-month trial period where you can try both tiers. If you try one tier and your trial expires or is canceled, you won’t be able to try the other one.