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Our mission

The videogames are one of the most disrupting, exciting and growing industries today, but the success ratio of game projects is still low due to the complexity and difficulty of game development projects. We love videogames, and our mission is to increase the chances of success of game studios by providing management tools that reduce the risk and make teams more productive and reliable.

The problem

One of the keys to success when working on a game is a proper management, planning, design, communication… Due to the changing environment and the peculiarities of the field, producers and development teams struggle to organize their projects properly using generic tools that don’t really fit into their workflow and require many workarounds. Due to the democratization of the industry, thanks to the new digital publishing streams, the mobile platforms, the gamification, the indie movement… thousands of new small and medium studios appear all around the world with very different needs than the classic big game studios, looking for a more modern, agile and streamlined way of managing their projects.

The solution

HacknPlan solves the management issues game developers face by building tools especially tailored for game development that are more intuitive, productive and are designed around the gaming industry standards. This reduces the need for multiple tools and provides more clarity about the real status of the project. With a web-based cloud service, distributed teams can work from anywhere, anytime, and be always updated about how is the project going. They can control the time or effort they spend on each type of task, divide the work among coworkers, get metrics about their performance, generate documentation… HacknPlan solves the project management and production needs of game development studios in a way generic solutions can’t do.

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Does it sound interesting? HacknPlan is open to new investors that want to join us in this challenging adventure to become the #1 project management tool in the gaming industry. Located in the sunny and touristic Almería, in the south of Spain, the company already provides service to more than 70K registered users and 300 premium companies worldwide, including game studios, freelancers and universities. Do you want to hear more? Click below!