UI/UX improvements: We will be continuously working on the user experience, improving the design of the UI to maximize readability and usability, making actions and frequent operations easier and more intuitive, etc.

WYSIWYG text editor:  We will incorporate a rich text editor and will let you choose which flavor of text edition you prefer on a per-project basis, WYSIWYG or Markdown. This new editor will offer more possibilities like colors, picture formatting, etc, ideal for extensive documentation.

Workspace enhancements (Studio): A user dashboard, calendar, metrics and charts at workspace level with multi-project support, ideal for bigger teams. Also copying data between projects will be supported.

Other improvements: Metrics, notifications, filters, etc.

Public portal: We plan to release a public portal where you can publish your project and share it with your community, completely integrated with HacknPlan, where they can report bugs, make suggestions and follow their progress. Additionally, you will be able to store public documentation, share news and promote discussion among your player base.