• HacknPlan Public API (open beta available): A fully featured public API (with webhooks) that will allow you to automatize some of your work, integrate other services and create useful utilities.
  • WYSIWYG text editor:  We will incorporate a rich text editor and will let you choose which flavor of text edition you prefer on a per-project basis, WYSIWYG or Markdown. This new editor will offer more possibilities like colors, picture formatting, etc, ideal for extensive documentation.
  • UI/UX improvements: We will be continuously working on the user experience, improving the design of the UI to maximize readability and usability, making actions and frequent operations easier and more intuitive, etc.
  • Integrations: We will add more integrations with popular services widely used in the gaming industry, such as Discord. We will also enhance our existing integrations with new features.
  • Query sections (Studio): We will provide several sections that will allow you to retrieve tasks, stories and design elements by text and/or other fields, and save the queries for future use.
  • Workspace enhancements (Studio): A user dashboard, calendar, metrics and charts at workspace level with multi-project support, ideal for bigger teams. Also copying data between projects will be supported.
  • Other improvements: Metrics, integrations, notifications, filters, etc.
  • Public sharing: Share your boards, GDM or complete projects with the public, determining what they can and can’t see. Let your player base, testers or other interested parties check your progress without having to be a HacknPlan user.