2018 – Major release

Read a more detailed description of the included features here.

  • Modular design: You’ll have switches to enable or disable HacknPlan features on a per-project basis, so you keep only what you use, reducing the noise and simplifying it to adjust to your needs.
  • Tag system: We are implementing a flexible tag system, that will allow you to categorize and label your work with complete freedom, and then use it to filter and retrieve metrics.
  • Simplified task creation and edition
  • Milestones, sprints and boards: The concept of Milestone will be decoupled from the concept of Board. You’ll be able to create Boards with tasks inside, with or without dates (just like Milestones now, typically used as sprint boards) and then optionally group those boards by a longer goal with a deadline, providing a better and more accurate planning scheme.
  • User stories:  We will implement user stories as a new type of item that can coexist with tasks on lists and Kanban boards and, at the same time, will be able to contain tasks inside as a way to group them by a functional concept.
  • User interface: This update will include an important iteration on the user interface of HacknPlan, with the purpose of making it more intuitive, usable, and a little prettier too.
  • WYSIWYG text editor:  We will incorporate a rich text editor and will let you choose which flavor of text edition you prefer on a per-project basis, WYSIWYG or Markdown. This new editor will offer more possibilities like colors, picture formatting, etc, ideal for extensive documentation.
  • Inline help and documentation
  • HacknPlan API v1
  • Advanced search: We will provide an advanced search section that will allow you to retrieve tasks, stories and design elements by text and/or other fields, and will let you save the searches for future use.
  • Workspace enhancements: A user dashboard, calendar, metrics and charts at workspace level with multi-project support, ideal for bigger teams. Also copying data between projects will be supported.
  • Other improvements: Metrics, integrations, notifications, filters, etc.