HacknPlan for Education

We offer a special discount to educational institutions to offer the best project management tool to their students

Who we are?

Cloud-based web application for project management of game projects.

A solution based on agile methodologies and using a kanban panel as a central tool.

Tasks, files, documentation and metrics in one collaborative solution with real time updates.

Optimized for game development workflow, with a technical and conceptual organization.

Currently used by many studios and universities worldwide.

Why choose us?

Project management tools have always been more focused on “the how” and “the when”: tasks, milestones, deadlines, users, time tracking… keeping “the what” a bit outside of the picture, as something that’s normally assumed to be there.

Our mission, as a tool that is for game developers only, is to close the gap between the game design and the project management, creating a streamlined workflow that makes the process of keeping this information updated easier and gives clarity to the producers and the development team.


The Educational program consists of a subscription to our Studio tier at a significantly reduced price, with the only restriction that the projects should be non-commercial. This special price will apply for as long as you stay with us.


Can I request an educational discount as a student?

The educational program is aimed at universities and other educational institutions. If you are a student, please contact your institution to get in touch with us.

What are the conditions for the Educational program?

This plan is intended to be used exclusively in an educational or research environment, and the projects managed through HacknPlan must not have a commercial purpose.

Can I add or remove seats of my Educational subscription anytime?

Certainly! When you add a new seat to the subscription, you need to pay for the remaining part of the current cycle (current month or year) for that new seat. If you reduce a seat, the remaining part of what you paid for that seat for the current cycle is returned to you as credit. More info.


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