Dev Diary 2 (2015-10-26)

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Hi hacknplanners!

We don’t have big visual changes this week, but we improved a bit the performance of the application and added several improvements and bug fixes. Let’s take a look!

Features and improvements

  • We improved the performance of the kanban boards. There is still big room for improvement, but we reduced the loading time of board tasks and the navigation among tabs. We hope the interaction with that important part of the application is smoother now.
  • We want to improve the user experience of the application and make it easier and quicker to use. That’s why we added a quick task creation button always available at the top menu. Then you will be able to create a task for any project and milestone, at any moment and from everywhere.
  • We improved the localization of dates. Now they will use your local configuration to show dates in the format you are used to. We were using mm/dd/yyyy format, so probably most people outside the US will notice the improvement.
  • We added Google ReCaptcha to our registration form. We had no case of bots registering into HacknPlan yet, but is always good to be prepared.
  • We added a Frequently Asked Questions section to the site, with all those questions you ask the most via social media or contact emails. It is also accessible from the footer of the application.

Bug fixes

We also fixed some bugs:

  • The category stats panel was rounding the planned and current cost values to integer, even though we made them explicitly decimal last iteration.
  • The description pencil icon was not clickable for edition.
  • The game model elements were not persisted when they were moved from a position to another as child of another element.

What’s next?

We have a lot of things in the backlog and we are prioritizing them based on the input we receive from you, which is invaluable. One of the most requested features is the possibility of customizing the categorization elements of the system, like categories, subcategories, game model elements… We want to provide flexibility to make the application fit your project, giving you the possibility of creating your custom elements and hiding those default ones you don’t really need. We will work on this and release something very soon.

Happy planning!


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