Dev Diary 3 (2015-11-15)

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Hi hacknplanners!

It’s been longer than expected since my last update. I try to do really short iterations and deploy new stuff into production every week or so, but I have to admit that I underestimated the main feature I had to develop this time and it ended up taking a lot more than expected. Anyway, all the non visible architecture work I had to do is really worth it, since today I added a feature that is probably #1 when it comes to suggestions and requests from the users. And I’m really happy to make my current early adopters happy, it’s the best way to correspond to their trust in this project.

So, what’s new?

Features and improvements

  • The big feature I’m talking about is category customization. We added a new tab to the project page for configuration purposes, and there we added a panel for category and subcategory edition. It allows you to:
    • Create custom categories and sub-categories. The custom sub-categories can be added to either a custom or a default category.
    • Disable/enable you custom categories and also the default categories and sub-categories you’ve been already using. If one disabled category or sub-category contain tasks, they won’t be accessible and won’t be taken into account for stats.
    • Sort the categories and subcategories. For categories this means the order of the tabs in the kanban board, and also the order in the drop-down lists both for categories and subcategories.
    • Delete you custom categories and subcategories.
  • We removed the “expansion” effect we had on list elements when the mouse was over. It was a pretty effect but it caused some usability problems on drag and drop and also to click on the task card menu icon properly.
  • We added the @username to some of the emails we send you, like the activation and reset password ones. This way you can check there which @username you registered with if you have any problem logging into the application.
  • We also received some complains about some email text not being gender neutral.  That was of course an error and we have fixed it and reviewed the rest of the page. If you ever find some text like that anywhere in the site, please report it.


Bug fixes

  • We have fixed a small but a bit annoying issue: when lists of elements were displayed (projects, milestones, tasks…) the showed duplicated entries for just one second. This happened also when moving tasks from one column to another.
  • The Game Model element set to a task could not be set back to null.


What’s next?

We will keep working on improving the flexibility of the application by providing more data and display customization. We will also improve the communication between the application and you: a notification feature is coming, which will work both at UI and email level and will be configurable to make sure you don’t get more than what you want.

Happy planning!


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