Dev Diary 39

by | Jun 23, 2019 | Blog, Dev Diary | 5 comments

Hi hacknplanners,

A new update has been released with a series of small but very useful improvements and bug fixes. Let’s take a look!


  • The boards and milestones are now editable directly from the left menu for the project admins. When the mouse is over a board or milestone item on the left menu, an ellipsis icon appears which will open up a menu with options for creating, editing and deleting board and milestones. This will allow you to manage them from anywhere in the application without having to go to the admin panel. Rearranging the boards using drag and drop from the left menu is not supported yet, as well as the right click to open the menu, but those improvements will be added in future updates.
  • We unified the workspace and projects selectors on the application header. Before, if you wanted to switch between projects on different workspaces, you had to switch the workspace first, and then select the project. Now everything can be done in a single step, making the navigation between workspaces and projects faster.
  • We added a new value for user filters called “Current user” which dynamically processes the filter against the user who is currently logged in. This is great to create filters that can be shared among the team (in Studio tier) and save time instead of creating a filter for each individual user.
  • We now allow users who logged work on a work item to modify or delete their logs within an hour from the date where they were created. Before, if a non-admin user made a mistake logging work on a task or user story, they had to ask the administrator to correct it. Now, they can do this themselves for a short period of time so they don’t have to bother the admins for this; after that, only admins can edit them,  so no unauthorized user can edit past logs for security reasons.
  • We greatly improved our support contact form many of you use to ask for help, give us feedback, report bugs… Now, you can format your message using markdown and add attachments, which will allow you greatly improve the quality of the request. Also, canceling the form will ask you for confirmation, so you don’t lose your half-written message if you press Esc by accident.
  • In the Team dashboard, the search input to filter the users on the list now supports the role too.
  • We added a few visual improvements, like smaller and more integrated scrollbars for Chrome and Safari.

Bug fixes

  • In some scenarios, the start and due date of the game design elements couldn’t be removed.
  • Our work item references in Markdown (using #) were being processed for text in code snippets.
  • Dismissing all notifications didn’t really dismiss all of them, only the ones loaded at that given moment.
  • The assignation of users to multiple work items was not working properly in the design element list.
  • Roles were not properly removed from users when downgrading from Studio, which prevented the permissions of those users from being editable.
  • The input of the work log creation dialog was not selected automatically in some cases, having to click on it to enter the value.
  • The keyboard shortcut for comments on work items was not working properly.
  • The configuration for making some work item fields mandatory did not work properly on some scenarios.

What’s next?

  • We announced an improvement of the visualization of user story tasks (they are not displayed on the kanban nor counted on the metrics individually, but grouped with the story) but we are still considering different options to make sure the result is usable and intuitive. This topic is very sensitive because there are different use cases (some people want to simplify the boards by grouping tasks by user story, some other people want everything displayed at a glance…) so we need to make sure our solution to this issue works for all of them.
  • The development of the Public API we have been announcing for so long is now finished, we are working on tests, documentation, infrastructure… We will announce the release of the first version very soon.

Happy planning!


  1. Nathan Sheppard

    Puplic API – this is going to be so cool!!!
    I’d love to write a module for unity integration! Thanks for the best project management software out there!

  2. Giancarlo Lovera

    Amazing work!, thanks for your hard work guys, We really appreciate it.

  3. Carlos Miranda

    Looking forward to the User Story update. Good Work!

  4. Lucas Peter

    ooooowwww YEAH!
    Can’t wait to write a module for Unreal Engine with your API

  5. Ben Geisler

    I’m curious about the following feature which is listed on your 2019 roadmap. When is this coming out and thanks! : Public sharing: Share your boards, GDM or complete projects with the public, determining what they can and can’t see. Let your player base, testers or other interested parties check your progress without having to be a HacknPlan user.


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