Dev diary 4 (2015-11-25)

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Hi hacknplanners!

I’m back with some interesting updates. We’ve done a lot of backend work regarding the notification system that is not ready yet, but will come soon. In exchange, we implemented several usability features and visual improvements I’m sure you will like.

Let’s go!

Features and improvements

  • One of the most important changes is the sub-tasks creation. This is very useful to add a new level of detail to your work. We implemented the sub-tasks as a checklist inside the task detail page (like Trello does) to keep it simple and manageable. There you can add, edit, sort and delete them, besides the possibility of marking the sub-task as completed, of course. We also added a small overview of the sub-tasks to the task card in the kanban board, we will see that later.
  • Another improvement that you guys were asking for: milestone sorting. We added the possibility of sorting them manually using drag and drop:
  • We added more info to the game model task cards, like the category and the current status.
  • We redesigned the task card in the kanban panels. We gave more relevance to the task title in the design and added some extra valuable info: the planned cost (which will be red or green depending on how well you estimated) and the count of completed and total sub-tasks (that will be green when they are all completed):

Bug fixes

  • The sub-categories were not sorted properly in dropdown lists. Now they are shown in the order you set in the categories editor.
  • We found that, when creating a task from the quick button in the top menu, some pages were not automatically updated with the new task. This happened mainly for the stats panels.
  • We have a recent tasks panel in the frontpage to show what you are currently working on. We detected that tasks were appearing there after completed, which was not very useful.
  • We detected some milestones were missing sometimes from the top menu dropdown.

What’s next?

We will keep working on the notification system, that I hope will be ready very soon. We want to implement several efficiency improvements too, like cloning of tasks, and improve the usability of the game model. After that… very interesting things are coming.

Happy planning!

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  1. Grogger

    It was a nice surprise to see sub-tasks in my tickets, very good addition!
    Thanks for the hard work and progress update!


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