Dev Diary 43

by | Apr 19, 2021 | Blog, Dev Diary | 3 comments

Hi hacknplanners,

Here we are again with a small but important update that includes features some of you have been requesting for a long time. Let’s get started!

Guests (Studio tier)

You’ve been asking for this and here it is: you can now add Guest users to your workspace that will have read access to the projects but won’t occupy a paid seat. The limitation is those guests won’t be able to edit anything or be assigned to work items, they will only have read permissions (that can be tweaked as any regular user) and add comments on items or elements.

This feature will cover many scenarios, like giving access to stakeholders, publishers, consultants, collaborators… without the need to spend extra money on additional seats.

You can add Guests from the Administration -> Users section of your Studio workspace.

File reusability

Now you can reuse existing project files and attach them to several work items or design elements, which can save a lot of storage space when you need to use the same pictures or files on several parts of the project.

There is a new “From project” button on the Attachments panel for both work items and design elements, where you can select a file from the list and also filter by its name.

When you remove an attachment from an item or design element, the file itself won’t be removed from the project unless there is no other entity the file is attached to.

We plan to continue working on file management, and the next step will be an enhancement of the storage manager, so you can better manage files global to the project, free space, etc.

Storage add-on

While the default storage space for attachments included in our tiers is enough for many of you, some other teams like to add plenty of files, pictures, screenshots… to their work items or design elements. For those users, we offer a new add-on that can be purchased together with your Personal Plus and Studio subscriptions, to extend the available storage space for your project files.

We offer 4 tiers for the add-on:

Extra storageMonthly costYearly cost
250 GB10 EUR100 EUR
1 TB25 EUR250 EUR
10 TB50 EUR500 EUR
Unlimited100 EUR1000 EUR

You can purchase the add-on from the subscription page.

Other improvements and fixes

  • You can now change the first day of the week from your user application settings.
  • Before, sometimes design elements could temporarily disappear when dropping them on a closed folder.
  • We fixed a bug where work items didn’t appear as selected (with the orange border) when the board was grouped by design element.
  • Pictures were not properly exported with the GDD in some scenarios.
  • We improved the responsiveness of the backlog section.
  • Text files were not properly downloaded when referenced from the description of a work item or design element.
  • Fixed calendar issues with the week view.
  • Sometimes, the story task progress count was not refreshed immediately after changes.

Happy planning!


  1. Jeri Haapavuo

    Watch out when promising “Unlimited” storage space… 😉

  2. Sadegh

    This one is great:
    “You can now change the first day of the week from your user application settings.”
    Why the only options are “Sunday” and “Monday”? why there is no “Saturday” option. If it’s not a big deal. Pls, add this one too.

  3. Toliveira

    Any news about Discord integration?


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