Dev Diary 44

by | Oct 31, 2022 | Blog, Dev Diary | 4 comments

Hi hacknplanners,

Here we are again with a small but very useful update, let’s take a look at the new features!

Resizable panels

Many of you have complained about the size of the task and design element panels. Depending on your device screen size and ratio, the fixed value we had before could make the visualization less than ideal, so we decided to make those panels resizable. Now, you can enlarge or reduce their width by dragging the small bar at the left side of the panel.

The width of the panel you set is remembered, and it is not stored globally but in the browser. This way, if you use different devices with different screen sizes, you can set a different value in each one to have the best configuration possible everywhere.

Worksheet (Studio)

Also, by popular demand, we are glad to introduce a new feature to Studio users: the worksheet. In this section, located under the Reports entry of your project left panel, you can get an overview of the logged work of the users in your project over a certain period of time. This is very useful to evaluate the performance of your team, or in case you work with external freelancers, get the number of hours worked so you know how much you have to pay them in a month or week.

There are four scopes you can use:

  • Month to date: data from the 1st of the current month to today.
  • Week to date: data from the beginning of the current week to today.
  • All time: all data in the project.
  • Custom: allows you to specify the start and end date.

Also, you can sort and filter the data shown in the table. You can sort by user name and logged hours, days, or points (depending on your project’s cost metric), and filter the displayed users by free text.

For users who have logged effort in the specified time frame, you can also view the log details. By clicking on the magnifier icon on the table entry, a modal dialog is displayed containing a list of all the individual work logs of the user sorted by descending date and time, including the amount of effort logged and the work item the work log belongs to.

Finally, you can export the worksheet in CSV format to generate reports or use them with other tools or processes.

Important: The full worksheet and the export feature are available to admins only. Regular users can still access the section, but they can only see their own information, not the rest of the team. We plan to add a permission scheme to this feature in future updates, so admins can decide who has access to the complete information.

Customizable version control reference prefix (Personal Plus & Studio)

We have 3 version control integrations in place: GitHub, GitLab, and BitBucket. Up until now, you had to reference work items in HacknPlan by writing the symbol # and the id of the work item in the commit message, so it can be linked to the HacknPlan task or story it belongs to. This, however, could potentially cause issues with some of their own references, that in some cases use # as well.

In order to resolve this issue, we added the possibility of customizing the prefix you have to write before the work item id for each integration. By default, new integrations will use the prefix hnp-, so if you have a task with id 56, you have to reference it as hnp-56. You can customize this prefix during the creation of the integration, or modify it for existing integrations. The prefixes of existing integrations are not modified, they still use # to ensure the integration doesn’t stop working without you noticing, but we strongly recommend you modify them to our prefix or one of your choosing that does not match with any of the references of your version control system.

We have more updates coming very soon, stay tuned!

Happy planning!


  1. Leó Ólafsson

    resizing is not working correctly currently, can’t drag the tab out.

    • Leó Ólafsson

      It snaps, so I’ve figured it out.

  2. Omar

    Guys, you are legends, the ticker reference customization is top notch feature.

    Please add more magic , I hate Jira and I dont want to use it again ?

  3. Jacob

    Awesome! Keep it up!


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