Dev Diary 8 (2016-02-28)

by | Feb 29, 2016 | Dev Diary | 7 comments

Hi hacknplanners!

A new update is live! I have to say I couldn’t deliver all the features I initially planned for this iteration due to personal impediments, however I managed to bring you some little improvements that are very useful and can make a difference. Let’s check them out!

Features and improvements

  • Importance level for tasks: We have added a new field to tasks, called Importance. This value represents how important or prioritary a task is, so the team knows whether it should be tackled as soon as possible or postponed until others are completed. A new field has been added to the creation and update forms for tasks. Depending on the selected importance level, an icon will appear on the task card, so you can spot important tasks at a glance. This is specially useful for bugs. The available importance levels are:
    • Urgent: The highest importance, the task should be accomplished immediately. It’s displayed as a red warning sign on the task card.
    • High: High priority, should be done soon, but is not as critical as the Urgent level. It’s displayed as an orange up arrow.
    • Normal (default): This level indicates the task has a normal importance. Most tasks should be in this level in order to guarantee this system is useful (nothing is urgent if everything is). No icon is shown for this level.
    • Low: This level indicates the task has to be accomplished at some point, but only when the rest are completed. It’s displayed as a grey down arrow.


  • Game model element progress: We added a progress bar to the game model elements. This way you can track how the project is going from a general and conceptual point of view. The progress is calculated using the number of open and closed tasks inside an element and all its children.


  • Game model element displayed on task card: In order to provide more context to boards, we added the game model element name to the task cards. In the future we will provide a configuration panel to enable or disable the fields displayed in the card.
  • Improved task cards in game model page: We created a unified view of the tasks, so you can see the same card in the board and in the game model page. You can now clone, assign users, change milestone or delete tasks directly from the game model element view, so you don’t have to move to the board.


  • Sub-task notifications: We added new notifications, in this case when a sub-task is created, deleted, completed or reopened.


Bug fixes

We fixed just a few minor bugs related to language and color display. We also improved the performance of some backend operations in a 10% or so.


What’s next?

As time passes we will have to work more and more in the official release of HacknPlan, which means we will be adding less features to the public beta and working more in the extension system and other stuff related to the premium part of the service. However, we still have a bunch of features that will be released in the next few months, like more notifications and game model improvements, the backlog page, the search engine…

Happy planning!


  1. Sarrixx

    Excellent work on the platform guys. You have made a really great tool for game developers, and it’s so easy and user friendly that it is great for beginners. I showed the lecturer of my games development course and he loved it. Now it is being used by multiple campuses of my school for the games development courses. Keep up the great work, and I look forward to any future updates!

    • Chris Estevez

      I see more and more registered users with university email addresses, which is absolutely fantastic. I’m glad the tool is being useful to those learning game development. Thanks for your words!

  2. Mads

    Sounds like a great new feature! I have an issue though; I can’t create new issues as it keeps saying: “The importance level does not exist” but I can’t see where to input the importance level?

    • Chris Estevez

      Mmmm that is really weird. Please try refreshing the browser cache. There should be a new Importance field in the task creation modal. Which browser and OS are you using?

      • Mads

        Ah great – clearing the browser cache did the trick, thanks! 🙂 It was on Chrome and Windows 10 if it helps.

        • Chris Estevez

          It seems what we do to prevent the UI to be cached is not working properly on that browser + OS, we will take a look at it. Thanks!

  3. David

    Hey Chris!
    My team and lots of other devs I know use Agile methodologies. Do you plan to add features related to Sprint Agile etc on the public or premium versions of Hacknplan? I think on top of my wishlist I’d have a Burndown Chart to keep track of the team’s progress on the last milestone / sprint.



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