HacknPlan API public beta is out!

by | Dec 16, 2019 | Blog, Dev Diary | 7 comments


Hi hacknplanners,

It has been a while since we announced our intentions of releasing an API for our service, but it is finally here, we hope it is worth the wait. This first one is a public beta version of the API which, even though it contains most of the functionality of our service, still has some important stuff coming before it hits the first long-term stable version. The fact that it is a beta doesn’t mean you can’t start building your own automation scripts, tools and integrations, you only have to keep an eye on our updates, because some breaking changes may happen before we hit the first official release. However, we don’t recommend to distribute products that use this API yet, wait to v1 so the API is more stable and fully featured, but you can definitely start working on them and also build stuff for your own usage.


IMPORTANT: The fact the API is in beta does not mean that it works with fake or test data, it is not a sandbox, it does work with our production servers so you can use it to perform real operations with your data. Be extra careful during your tests!!


This beta version of the API contains:

  • All the operations to read and manage your projects, including work items, the game design models, board, milestones, categories, stages…
  • Support for uploading and downloading files.
  • Webhook management and basic information.
  • Read-only access to workspace information.
  • Authentication and authorization via API Keys.
  • JSON request bodies and responses.

What will be included in v1:

  • Workspace management.
  • Authentication and authorization via OAuth2.
  • Account management and configuration.
  • Advanced API and Webhook usage data and metrics.
  • We’ll be open to suggestions, so don’t be shy.

What we don’t plan to support in the API at the moment:

  • Account creation and deletion.
  • Subscription management, payments…


We don’t have a deadline for v1 yet but we plan to keep working extensively on the API, listening to your experiences with it and your suggestions, so we hope it will be soon.

For more information about how our API works, you can start by taking a look at the documentation and reference:


Happy planning!


  1. Otavio


  2. mewita

    WOW I <3 U !

  3. Dan

    Hoping someone can integrate Hack N Plan’s API with Zapier ( https://zapier.com/ ) at some point. This would allow other apps to access the api.

  4. Jani Kärkkäinen

    I’ve been liking the new API, thanks so much. However, I keep getting an error 500 every now and then, don’t know what triggers it, but it seems tobe consistent with different queries. Seems to happen with offsets, once I hit 100 (workitems?limit=100&stageId=5&offset=100). Also I think it errors out with 500 when trying to sortMode=desc. Is it possible there is a work item that the server doesn’t like in our project?

    Oh yeah, also there are some task that won’t show up on the workItems query, only if queried with the specific workItemId do they get the info.

    • Chris Estevez

      Weird, we will take a look at it, thanks for reporting the issue!

  5. Jack

    Are there any plans to open up bulk operations? I’m trying to automate creation (and maintenance) of tasks given a specific structure of my game design model. It works okay when I’m using axios, as I can create interceptors to retry 429’s and 500’s, but it would be VERY nice to be able to upload like 1000 work items at once, or bulk delete a bunch, so I don’t have to make a billion separate HTTP requests.

  6. Jack

    Also wondering if there’s any update on the random HTTP 500s? I got a retry mechanism going and I don’t usually get more than 1 HTTP 500 per request, but just in case I have it set to 5. It’s still annoying though, it makes the script take so much longer and you run into HTTP 429’s much more often.


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