HacknPlan Personal Plus available for pre-order and early access

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Hi hacknplanners,

As we announced at the end of last year, we are introducing a new premium tier and making it available for pre-order and early access as we did with HacknPlan Studio. This new tier is called HacknPlan Personal Plus and its goal is to provide some of the features included in Studio but applied to individual users working on personal projects, instead of creating an organization where all users need to be premium. This way, for instance, the producer of a small indie team can subscribe to this tier for an affordable price while working on the same project than their teammates who use the free Personal account. The producer, as the team member who uses HacknPlan more intensively, can enjoy features like bulk operations, kanban panel customization, event calendar… Also, Personal Plus users can integrate with GitHub or Slack, so maybe a small core team can purchase individual Plus accounts while other less active users, or maybe contractors, use the free one. This gives many possibilities to the users or teams who can’t afford or don’t need everything Studio tier offers.


The new event calendar, already available

So, what are the features included in this new tier? When we announced HacknPlan Studio last year, we made a small survey getting your opinion about the features included, which was answered by many solo devs and members of very small indie teams among others. We asked which group of features were they interested in, and we realized there were 3 categories that most people demanded, while others were mostly interesting for people in bigger teams. That survey, plus other feedback we received during the last months of 2016, was the seed of this tier we are now presenting. Let’s take a look at them:


  • Calendar: Visualize all your events on a calendar, including milestones and task due dates, and also manual notes. Synchronize it with your Google Calendar and have all your deadlines under control. Already available for milestone and task dates.
  • Custom category icons and colors: Add icons and colors to your custom categories and update the default ones for a better readability. Already available.
  • Task card customization: A task card can contain too much information, and you don’t always need all of it. You will be able to configure what info you want to see on the card, going from a simple text card to a full definition. Already available.
  • Design element board grouping: Group tasks by design element so all tasks related to the same feature in a milestone are displayed together. The groups will be collapsible for a better organization of boards with many tasks.


  • Google Calendar: As we mentioned before, we will add Google Calendar synchronization to have your task and milestone deadlines together with the rest of your schedule.
  • Google Drive: Besides the normal attachments you can add to tasks and host on our servers, you will also be able to attach Google Drive documents easily.
  • GitHub: Every team needs a version control system to host their projects, and one of the most popular services out there is GitHub. With this integration, you’ll be able to create links between your team members, your commits, and your tasks, so whenever a commit is done it’s added to the task activity log and is linked to the user of your project that made it. Tracking who and when someone did some change in the code or the resources will be easier than ever. Other version control services will be added in the future. Important: A Plus user can sync any project they admin with a GitHub repository, but only Plus users will see the commits attached to the tasks. Already available.
  • Slack: This is definitely one of the hottest communication services out there, and it’s becoming the preferred choice of development teams. With our Slack integration, you’ll be able to receive notifications from HacknPlan events. Important: Only Personal Plus users will get Slack notifications as direct messages, but the ones configured for channels will be visible by everyone in the team, premium or not.

Productivity Enhancements

  • Batch processing: Sometimes you just need to go through a list of tasks or design elements to perform the same task on each of them, maybe sending tasks to a different milestone, changing the design element type of several ones, moving tasks to another status column… Now you will be able to do such operations in batches, selecting all the elements and executing diverse actions on them all together.
  • Advanced task creation: The task creation dialog allows to set up many of the fields on a task, but there are still many other elements that are not available during creation and require you to open the task editor for each of them. In the Studio plan, you can choose between basic and advanced task creation and have the option of assigning users, creating sub-tasks, setting dependencies or adding attachments right away.
  • Time tracker: Manually tracking the time we spend working on a task is certainly a tedious job. How can we make this more productive? We will provide an automatic time tracker, so you will only have to indicate when you started working on some task and when you stopped, and the time spent will be automatically calculated and added to the task cost.
  • Advanced filters: Filtering tasks on the board is very useful to get some clarity when you want to get an overview of your work from some specific point of view. Our board filters will have some advanced options, like saving your favorite ones for quick activation or filtering by free text and other fields.

Other advantages

  • Extended storage: You get 2GB storage space for attachments and 50MB file limit, versus the 500MB storage and 5MB file limit in the free tier.
  • Priority email support: We commit to help you in less than 8 business hours.


So, what features from HacknPlan Studio are not included in this tier? Personal Plus is more oriented to individual users, so the features which are more team and studio-oriented are not included:


  • Organization and team management: 
    • Multiple teams and multiple projects management, including project templating.
    • Roles and advanced permissions.
    • Dedicated project team section with info about current member workload, activity logs and metrics. Already available.
    • Dedicated project milestone section with metrics, stats and additional notes about milestones. Already available.
  • Metrics and reporting:
    • Burndown charts. Already available.
    • Gantt charts.
    • Team member metrics, including user performance analysis.
    • Game Design Model metrics (category stats, cost…).
    • GDD export.
    • Project reports including progress and global metrics.
    • Printable cards.
  • Storage: HacknPlan Studio offers 5GB of storage per seat and a 250MB file limit.

Also, bear in mind HacknPlan Studio allows you to better manage a bigger team, with unified invoicing, better permissions and an enhanced project structure, so if you are a serious studio with a fairly big team HacknPlan Studio will work a lot better for you.

How much does this cost?

HacknPlan Personal Plus will be launched, together with the 1.0 version of Personal and Studio tiers, at the end of March. The subscription prices will be 4EUR per month paid annually (48EUR / year) and 5EUR paid monthly. 

However, and exactly like we did with HacknPlan Studio, this tier is available for pre-order and early access, which means you can be an early adopter and purchase 1 year of subscription now at a great discount and get early access to the features while they are in development. What are the prices for early access?


  • 50% DISCOUNT THIS WEEK ONLY (until January 29th). Get early access plus one full year of subscription for just 24 EUR, it will never be this cheap again.
  • 33% discount from January 30th until the full release date, 36 EUR for 1 year.




That’s it! I hope you find this interesting, we tried to pick what most users demand and build a tier that can work for you and is also viable for us. Do you have questions? Please visit our User Community where we will be answering all your doubts.

Happy planning!


  1. VB

    Ehh, subscriptions, oh wells.

    • William Chambers

      Well I mean, they pay subscription costs on the server, so of course the service would have to pass the costs down somewhere to be sustainable. Not to mention development costs…

  2. Laura

    What happens to the ones we are using now? I have our 3 team members using it but unless I pay for each of them, I won’t be able to use it anymore? I understand the need, but I would not have used it in the first place if I had known. Now I have to move over years worth of work.

    • Chris Estevez

      Hi Laura,

      You don’t have to pay if you don’t want to. We are adding premium tiers, but the free one (Personal) will still be available, so unless you want advanced features, you can keep using it for free: https://hacknplan.com/#pricing

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