Dev Diary 36

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Hi hacknplanners,

I hope you are enjoying the new HacknPlan and you are already accustomed to the new user interface and features. We are aware there are many things to polish and improve and plenty of important features waiting on our backlog, so before continuing adding the rest of the big features listed on our roadmap, we wanted to take some time to refine the new user interface and fix some bugs and usability issues you’ve been reporting these days. The approach we took to deliver these improvements has been different from previous updates though; instead of grouping those changes in a bigger release, we have been putting them in production one by one as soon as they were ready. We wanted to make sure those things that were bothering you the most after the update were corrected and improved as soon as possible.

This dev diary entry is a summary of what we have worked on after the major release:


  • Improved the loading times of dashboards.
  • Made the Remember fields checkbox of the task creation dialog selected by default, and if you change it, the choice is permanent.
  • The option for leaving a project was added to the left menu.
  • The activity log is hidden by default on the task detail panel and can be displayed on demand.
  • Added a Studio wizard to help customers set up their workspace for the first time.
  • Improved the behavior of some selectors on the task creation dialog, combining typeahead and dropdown functionality.
  • Added category icon option for task card customization.
  • Condensed the layout of task cards by displaying user avatars and tags on the same line.
  • The task search doesn’t return closed tasks by default, and there is a checkbox to include them in the results.
  • The default time for date/time selection is now 9:00 AM instead of 0:00 AM.
  • The fields selected for task creation are also taken into account to display them by default on task edition.
  • Added special shortcuts for expanding/collapsing the left menu (M) and going to the default board from other section (D).
  • Many other visual improvements (readability, fonts, colors…)


  • Paragraphs in descriptions didn’t have a proper margin below.
  • Incorrect links on events.
  • Progress bars wrongly displayed 0% sometimes on the project dashboard.
  • The height of the items was wrong in some dropdowns.
  • The “Drop files here” message displayed when dragging a file over the task edition panel wasn’t removed if the action was aborted.
  • The users with “Update only” permissions could not add a comment to a task until there were more.
  • The initial integration with GitLab wasn’t working properly (existing integrations were fine).
  • Couldn’t change the case of tag names (it was being considered the same name).
  • Checkboxes were misaligned in some places.
  • The creation of a new game design element wasn’t triggering the correspondent notification.
  • Boards were not properly sent to the Closed folder when closing them using drag and drop from Administration -> Boards & milestones.
  • The task edition panel could not be scrolled when dragging a subtask.


We will continue working on a new update that will be released in November, including features like user stories, metrics and reports at workspace level (Studio) and better filters, among others improvements.

Happy planning!

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  1. Jan

    Love your work and dedication, any news on further updates and development?
    Waiting for user stories and public view to finally dig into your awesome tool.


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