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by | Sep 6, 2016 | Blog | 6 comments

Hi hackplanners,

Today is a special day. Today we reached 10000 registered users in HacknPlan, and I’m writing this short post just to say THANK YOU.

Now that our first birthday is really close (we launched the first version of HacknPlan beta on September 26, 2015), we can take a look back and see what we have accomplished so far. We are still in beta, which is probably longer than expected and desirable, but we can proudly say the application has been usable and stable for quite a long time now. We initially launched a very basic version of the tool, which was just a sketch of what it may become, but we were extremely lucky to have a bunch of really cool early adopters that believed in the purpose of this project and started using it, giving a lot of feedback, helping us to improve it iteration after iteration. We have followed a strict user-centered design approach, being in direct contact with you and prioritizing our backlog purely based on what you need, what you miss, what are your impediments when planning your games. I’ve been personally reading and answering each one of the feedback emails you have sent, every comment in social media or forums. We really want to help you finish your projects in the better way possible, so don’t be shy, ask, suggest, we’re here to help.

Some may think 10K users are not that many, maybe they aren’t. Maybe many of those users tried the application and chose not to use it. Maybe that’s is right. But the truth is we didn’t spend a penny on getting those users. We made no marketing, just some social media and a few posts in communities, and the rest was made by you, with your comments, recommendations, and mouth to mouth. It’s really awesome to see this project grow organically like that. Sometimes it’s not about quantity, but about quality. And you are quality users, I have to say. Still in beta, a small product from Spain competing with big guys like Trello or Jira, but you really appreciated the purpose, the idea behind, and the dedication put into making game developer lives easier. It’s amazing seeing how companies, freelancers and even universities around the world are extensively using HacknPlan on a daily basis.

We have a huge and challenging roadmap ahead. It’s not gonna be easy, but we are really committed to keep working like we are, iterating quickly based on your input, trying to bring game design and project management together into a better and better service. We still have to face one of the most complicated parts of this, which is monetizing the service and making a profitable business out of it. It’s not gonna be easy, but again, we are here to make your lives easier, if we are able to help you make your games a reality, I’m pretty sure we’ll find the way.

Happy planning!


  1. Frederik

    Hi. I’ve been using HacknPlan for a while now, and i’ve seen nothing like it. Thanks for developing such a helpful service, and thanks for sharing it for free!

    • Chris Estevez

      Thanks Frederik! I’m committed to keeping a free version of HacknPlan forever, I know what is not being able to afford monthly payments when you are a student, hobbyist or you’re starting out without many resources. Let’s see if we manage to sell our coming premium plans to established companies, so we can prosper and keep giving you this service.

  2. Robert

    A definite go-to project planner for solo/small teams. I finally have a tool that’s easy to read and manage. Keep doing the great work! Can’t wait to see what comes next.

  3. Benjamin

    I’m a student in game design, and I just started using HnP for a personal project, with a friend. This is a great tool, very intuitive et pleasant to use ! It help me a lot to stay focused on my work because of the milestone constraints we set to us 🙂

    HnP is now my homepage on Firefox !! To have access to such a great tool for free, for us is amazing !

    • Chris Estevez

      Thanks Benjamin! Glad to hear that ?


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