Board filtering and sorting


The search function allows you to filter the tasks on your kanban board by a free text that will be compared with all data displayed on the task card. This way, you can quickly find the tasks of a specific user, category, design element, tag… and of course by id and title.


Besides the general division by category that can be activated from the left panel, the kanban boards allow you to set additional filters to visualize your boards from different points of view. This way you can do things like taking a look at your assigned tasks only, maybe the critical ones, or view the ones belonging to a specific design element. You can create complex filters using one or more rules. The task fields that can be used to create the filters are:

  • User
  • Importance
  • Design Element
  • Platform

The filter system works differently depending on your plan:

  • Basic filters (Personal): The accounts using the Personal plan can set and unset a filter by clicking on the filter button located on the kanban board header. The modal dialog that shows up allows you to define a filter using one or more rules and apply it. The filter is persisted and can be kept active as long as you need; however, you can only have an active filter at a time, and clearing it up would mean you have to define it again when you need it.
  • Advanced filters (Personal Plus & Studio): Our premium accounts provide a more advanced and productive filter system. This system allows you to define filters using basically the same modal window and rules than the basic mode, but the filters can be stored for later use. This way, you can define and save your recurrent filters and toggle them on or off without leaving the board, just selecting them from a dropdown list.


By default, tasks on the kanban board can be sorted manually by using drag and drop, which is normally used to define the priority of those tasks. You can select a different sorting method by selecting it from a dropdown list on the kanban board header.  This is available for all tiers. The available sorting fields are:

  • Manual (default)
  • Importance
  • Title (alphabetical ascending)
  • Design Element
  • SubCategory
  • Due Date
  • Creation Date
  • Closing Date
  • Estimated Cost
  • Logged Cost
Note: when the sorting method is not manual, drag and drop is still available to move tasks among columns; however, the tasks are automatically reordered after dropping, so the place where you drop them is not taken into account.

Design Element Grouping (Personal Plus & Studio)

The premium users also have the possibility of grouping tasks by design element, which allows you to get a really high-level overview of the board and also reduce the number of tasks shown at the same time since groups are collapsible. You can activate this mode by clicking on Action -> Edit display options.


Chris Estevez

HacknPlan Founder

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