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HacknPlan can be integrated with Google Calendar in a way that events from your HacknPlan project (deadlines and start dates from boards, design elements, tasks and user stories) can be displayed on your Google Calendar and events from your Google Calendar can be displayed on the HacknPlan calendar section.

Note: Google Calendar integration is available for Personal Plus and Studio users only.

You can integrate a Google Calendar from the project Administration -> Integrations section. Click on the + button on the Google Calendar panel, and you will be redirected in order to validate your Google credentials. Once this is done, you will be back to HacknPlan and a popup dialog will appear to configure your Google Calendar integration. These are the available options:

  • Calendar: You can choose which calendar you want to integrate from the list of available calendars for your Google account.
  • Sync mode: You can choose which type of synchronization you want to make, these are the options:
    • Google to HacknPlan: Google Calendar events will appear on the HacknPlan calendar, but not the other way around.
    • HacknPlan to Google: HacknPlan events will appear on the Google Calendar, but not the other way around.
    • Bidirectional: Events from both systems will be displayed on both calendars.
  • Add related HacknPlan users as attendees to the Google Calendar event: When HacknPlan to Google or Bidirectional mode is selected, you can specify if you want to add the HacknPlan users related to the event (task assignees or admins) as attendees to the Google Calendar events. If the email address of these users is from Google, the events will be added to their personal calendars too.

After finishing the edition, click on Update to save the changes. At this moment, a first complete synchronization is made and this can take some time to process depending on the project size.